Hydraulic elevator

HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR offers an alternative to the “traditional” elevator. In this lift the cabin is connected to the cylinder-piston system where under pressure mineral oil regulated by a valve is powered into and drained off. When the lift ascends a water pump pushes the liquid in the cylinder inducing the extension of the stem, and so the cabin’s ascent (the only phase when electricity is needed) while the descent happens thanks to the oil outflow from the cylinder (so without electricity).
The hydraulic elevator has the benefit that it permits a large flexibility in the choice of the lift planning thanks to the reduced overall dimensions of the mechanical parts in the lift shaft and thanks to the absence of the counterweight.
This solution lends itself to the installation in buildings which originally had no elevator and so not expected to bear it.
Moreover the possibility to collocate the control apparatus and power-unit in any position permitted these devices to be set in provided metal cabinet, very often not so voluminous.